Towns & Trade (Game Design)

Game Design

Towns & Trade
This game is designed on basis of geography and economics to improve 
children's knowledge on cultivation in India.

It 's a co-operative game that leads to healthy interaction among the players.

This helps creating interest in the subject without reducing the level of enjoyment.

Age group:

No. of Players:

Players pick a metro card + an objective card + a destination card + Rs 500 each >> roll the dice move    across the board >> trade commodities - collect tokens >> survive all hazards >> reach the destination    with the objective attained.

ime duration: 45 min - 1 hr (minimum)

Skills developed:
Memory, concentration, independence, financial decisions, resource management, 
territory control, diplomacy, legal mischief

Packaging: Game Box - Front
Packaging: Game Box - Back
Internal Packaging structure and Metro cards
Players pieces and Dice
Instruction and statistical information booklet
Entire game set
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