Flip Flap (Game Design)

Game Design

Flip - Flap
An Edutainment Game Design
 This game enhances the mathematical skills.
 It is a 3x3 grid board game built by combination of numbers and colors. 
Tough to memorize but easy after certain number of play.

It 's a co-operative game that leads to healthy interaction among the players.

This helps creating interest in the subject without reducing the level of enjoyment.

Age group:

No. of Players:
2 - 6

Task:  Player picks a task card >> has to flip 5 flaps >> to form a combination of 3 numbers of same color that     equals the sum on the task card

Time duration:
45 min - 1 hr (minimum)

Skills developed:
Memory, concentration, mental calculation, legal mischief
External packaging graphics
The game play: 6+5+1 (blue on board) = sum of 12 (blue - task card)
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