African Outlet (Visual System)

To create an entire visual system for an interesting hand-written sign on Hayes street (San Francisco) and leveraging the visual vernacular of the african traditional using the symbols, shapes and elements from their day to day lives. The deliverables helps customers identify the collection of the store and helps them choose the right items easily.

African Outlet Visual System 
There are three different catargories of products in the store. The visuals were inspired from
the bold and beautiful prints of the african clothes and their handwritten type styles.
Deliverable 1:  Multipage Narrative
The multipage catalog has a list of every product sold in the shop. It also gives the customer (other cultured / tourist) some knowledge
on African symbols and history of the ancient products in the store.
Deliverable 2: Mobile App
The mobile application helps their customers to have easy access to information. It acts as an alternative for the catalog.
Deliverable 3: Package System
A packaging system is deleoped for each product in the store and which conveys a story they carry from the store.
Each package  has it's own category, so it helps customer to distinguish their purchases.
This project is created as a part of Graphic Design Graduate Class of Academy of Art University. Some images and resources can be found on the internet,
where the copyright belongs to the original authors. This project is only for academic and noncommercial display.
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